Colección Crisálida de ARMATTA

CRISÁLIDA: when the design suits you

By Victor Terron

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CRISÁLIDA symbolizes the Transformation and Evolution towards the maturity of a butterfly. Such beautiful insect is one of the elements that has inspired the new collection of ARMATTA, presented on April 13th in Spain. The event brought more than a hundred people and professionals from the world of national fashion (footwear, clothing for men, women) where they could contemplate interesting proposals of the talent of young designers called to become reference and trend in Spain.


Collecction CRISALIDA 2019 – by ARMATTA

Colecction CRISALIDA 2019 - by ARMATTA

Collecction CRISALIDA 2019 – by ARMATTA














This new collection designed by Mireya Rioja Armatta is a reflection of what more and more brides and wedding guests are looking for: a more personal & subtle design, with light tones and soft fabrics. This is how CRISALIDA Collection was born, made up of two models for brides and two for guests made completely entirely at the Atelier studio that the firm has in Logroño (Spain), where it is exhibited in its boutique for the entire public.

If her previous collection for brides “ALQUIMIA” the designer also focused on creating designs for LGTB bride, this time Mireya Rioja puts her eyes on Curvi models, designing dresses for a closer public that look for personal proposals according to a more conventional sizes.

This video shows a summary of the CRISÁLIDA collection presented a few days ago by the designer Mireya Rioja Armatta.




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