Advantages of alpaca fiber


Nature offers us a natural and pure fabric whose virtues are as prized as unknown.

Sheep wool is the reference that will help us understand the properties offered by ALPACA FIBER, even above those of cashmere and mohair.

These are the reasons why your clothes should be alpaca:

It will make you feel the heat seven times more than the sheep´s wool, and it´s thermoregulatory.

It will not sting your skin and you will never get those balls with the use. It is very very thin, between 12 and 28 microns

The garments will last you three times more than the sheep wool and will maintain a silky sheen during many more washes.

It will not cause you allergy or asthma (it’s hypo allergenic) and will never have mites. It is ideal for children and adults with sensible skin.

It will protect you from rain and moisture because it repels water.

Thermo-regulate the temperature of your body: you will feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

It is fireproof so you can use it for protection during working use.

You can find it in 22 natural colors with more than 300 shades.IS ECO – In short: it is ecological, healthy, hygienic and modern.

It´s ecological, healthy, hygienic and modern. Is natural, contains no fat, oil or lanolin.

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