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ARMATTA® is a Spanish fashion firm that designs and makes exclusive garments for women (brides, parties, events) in its Atelier Studio placed in Logroño (Spain). Mireya Rioja Armatta is also the first Spanish designer (originally from Bolivia) specialized in the use of alpaca in some of her collections and designs as well as with the garments she sells in her boutique and online shop.


latest collections


CRISÁLIDA (2019) for brides and guests is a collection for women with large sizes. It symbolizes the Transformation and Evolution towards the maturity of a butterfly. This new collection designed by Mireya Rioja Armatta is a reflection of what more and more brides and guests are looking for: a more personal & subtle design, with light tones and soft fabrics. This is how CRISALIDA Collection was born, made up of two models for brides and two for guests made entirely at the Atelier studio that the firm has in Logroño (Spain), where it is exhibited in its boutique for everyone.


ALCHEMY (2018) are proposals for dress designs for LGTB brides and for the ones wishing a different concept. This collection presented in Logroño (Spain) is just one example of the personal designs that ARMATTA® makes at its atelier for those women who do not find “their wished dress”, or want a personal approach in which they can contribute to turn her idea into reality.

ARMATTA diseño vestido novia LGTB

Design ARMATTA. Crop Top made in alpaca fiber and silk.


Mother Earth (2017) give the name to her first designs; a timeless collection for men and women that combines homemade techniques such as knitting using alpaca fiber which represents the DNA of ARMATTA® combined with new technologies such as 3D printing; a different way of showing the diversity and complexity of our planet in a harmonious way.

As a concept, it captures the effects of climate change reflected in the four essential elements on our planet which are AIR, FIRE, LAND and WATER converted respectively into this model names:  POLLUTION – THE BLACK GOLD – LACK OF WATER – K.O.LOUR  See the below video:

Video collection MOTHER EARTH 2018

your designer, Mireya Rioja Armatta

Mireya Rioja Armatta